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Tired of your lifts not feeling right and getting frustrated over not hitting your goals?


Ready to prevent injuries, lift safer and sustainably, and surpass your goals with sound mechanics?


At this workshop we will be addressing:


  • Proper scaling of movements to match your abilities, work capacity, and specific goals
  • Movement Mechanics:
    • Ankle instability
    • Wanky knees
    • Shaky hips
    • Core strength
    • Proper back activation
    • Wobbly shoulders
    • Cranked necks
  • And lastly how to construct generate your own warmups to target weaknesses we find during this seminar!

This day full of knowledge and hands on drills will help you become more self aware of your body, understand how it moves, the faults it may have, and stretches/ exercises you can begin developing TODAY to set yourself up for a lifetime of PR’s!

Lifting Mechanics